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Build SqueezePlay

To build the SqueezePlay software to run on your desktop Mac, Windows or Linux system use your local Subversion client to check out the latest version, the following command line can be used:

svn co http://svn.slimdevices.com/repos/jive/<version>/<branchPath>/squeezeplay

Where version is the version of code you are interested in running (e.g., 7.2), and branchPath is the branch you want to run. This is typically "trunk", but could also be a feature branch, e.g., "branches/newFeatureX".

Instructions for building and installing SqueezePlay on Windows, OS X and Linux are included with the source code. For trouble shooting Linux builds, see TroubleShootingLinuxBuilds

To run the SqueezePlay application:


Build Squeezeplay on 14.1