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Increasing number of Parseresponse in Webinject

To Monitor EPM the default 5 Parse Response that are enabled by default are probably not going to be enough.

To Increase the number edit the Webinject.pm file (mine is at C:\perl14\cpan\build\Webinject-1.74-w793ue\blib\lib, yours may be some where else):

Around line 1495 increase the number from 5 to say 20...
    $string =~ s~\{PARSEDRESULT\}~$self->{'parsedresult'}->{'parseresponse'}~gmx if defined $self->{'parsedresult'}->{'parseresponse'};
    for my $x (1..20) {
        $string =~ s~\{PARSEDRESULT$x\}~$self->{'parsedresult'}->{"parseresponse$x"}~gmx if defined $self->{'parsedresult'}->{"parseresponse$x"};

Further down around line 1224 add some more parseresponse types...

 my ( $leftboundary, $rightboundary, $escape );

    for my $type ( qw/parseresponse parseresponse1 parseresponse2 parseresponse3 parseresponse4 parseresponse5 parseresponse6 parseresponse7 parseresponse8 parseresponse9 parseresponse10 parseresponse11 parseresponse12 parseresponse13 parseresponse14 parseresponse15 parseresponse16 parseresponse17 parseresponse18 parseresponse19 parseresponse20/ ) {

        next unless $case->{$type};

Now save and this will give another 15 parsing opertunities to grab those tokens, cookies and urls.