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0.The Problem

Requirements for monitoring Oracle EPM system (Particularly Hyperion Components). Currently  there are propriety solutions which can be over kill in both financial outlay, implementation effort and functionality. Many of the issues caused by the Microsoft Windows 32bit limitations have been resolved by the installation of the EPM components on 64 bit OSes. eg HFM Memory allocation errors.

Current Oracle included free options like the Weblogic Enterprise Manager will give information about the deployed Java based web applications but the tool will not give information about the none Weblogic components plus the UI is rather complicated/cumbersome.

A large part of basic URL monitoring can be done with standard in house IT tools, HP Openview, Nagios etc Often the UI of these products is quite involved. The EPM administrator would prefer a simple straight up web page showing the over all health of the environment.

The idea behind the monitoring system is as an early warning system, it is not the idea that the EPM Monitoring system will indicate problems due to badly or miss installed environments.

Proof of Concept EPM Components to Monitor

Highlight any Oracle EPM Related issues before the users phone and complain.
Give an indication on how responsive the web sites are.

Oracle EPM Components considered for Monitoring
  • Shared Services
  • Workspace
  • Performance Management Architect
  • Calculation Manager
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Data Quality Management
  • Planning
  • Essbase Administration Services
  • Essbase Provider Services

Basic Server and EPM Process Monitoring

  • VMware Monitoring Not Considered
  • OS Event log Monitoring Phase3
  • Oracle EPM log file Monitoring Phase 2
  • Web Site Monitoring/Functional Monitoring Phase 1/POC


Proprietary Tools for Monitoring Oracle/Hyperion System 9 and Oracle EPM 11 environments


Opensource Components

Some Ideas:

Linkchecker http://code.google.com/p/linkchecker/
w3c Link Validation
WebInject (really cool) http://webinject.org/

Ideally the solution required the minimum of new components to be installed, so no agents, but utilise the Tools already agailable in all EPM environments, Weblogic, Java, JPhython and Perl.

 Monitoring Output should be graphical. It should present historical data on a web page.