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Essbase Analytics Link MS SQL Named Instance

EAL MS SQL Named Instance and none default port number issue/Workaround.

Analytic Link Data status stays Red.

The DSS process is unable to make a connection to the HFM Database running on a none default port (1433) or is running in a named instance on port 1433.

EAL,  and MS SQL 2008.. Basically everything works except a connection between EAL and the HFM Database. EAL just ignores the port info and tries to talk on 1433.

The workaround/BS factor is two fold,

1.      Create an alias (eg EAL2HFM) using the cliconfg.exe utility on the EAL server pointing to the SQL Server and Port 48000.

2.      Create an entry in the hosts file on the EAL server which points the name EAL2HFM to the ip of the SQL server.

3.      In EAL EAS plugin where the HFM database is entered enter the EAL2HFM alias as the SQL server name and the port number 48000.

It appears there are two parts with in EAL which use the information, the first component can use the port number but has no idea what to do with the alias hence the host file entry and the second component which can use the alias but not the port number entered in the bridge hence creating the alias for this part. Now we get a green across the board and it looks good.