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Missing RAF

Missing Repository options in Workspace, no Explore button for example when RAF is clustered.


  • Stop FoundationServices! and RA framework webapps, and RA agent services
  • Execute the following query against  the Shared Services registry database:
select * from css_provisioning_info where lower(application_id) like 'hava%';
  • note this application id, e.g. HAVA:0000012b3072bf63-0000-6717-0acc1bac
  • Using the epmsys_registry tool, execute:
epmsys_registry updateproperty RA_FRAMEWORK/@applicationId  <the application Id returned from the query above>
e.g. epmsys_registry updateproperty RA_FRAMEWORK/@applicationId HAVA:0000012b3072bf63-0000-6717-0acc1bac
  • Restart the processes above and try the user login to workspace again