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OPMN Commands

On Windows
Change to the directory where the opmnctrl.bat command is located eg:
cd D:\Oracle\WebTier\Oracle_WT1\instances\instance1\bin

Run just:

usage: opmnctl [verbose] [<scope>] <command> [<options>]

verbose: print detailed execution message if available

Permitted <scope>/<command>/<options> combinations are:

 scope    command     options
-------  ---------   ---------
          start                         - Start opmn
          startall                      - Start opmn & all managed processes
          stopall                       - Stop opmn & all managed processes
          shutdown                      - Shutdown opmn & all managed processes
[<scope>] startproc   [<attr>=<val> ..] - Start opmn managed processes
[<scope>] restartproc [<attr>=<val> ..] - Restart opmn managed processes
[<scope>] stopproc    [<attr>=<val> ..] - Stop opmn managed processes
[<scope>] reload                        - Trigger opmn to reread opmn.xml
[<scope>] status      [<options>]       - Get managed process status
[<scope>] metric      [<attr>=<val> ..] - Get DMS metrics for managed processes
[<scope>] dmsdump     [<dmsargs>]       - Get DMS metrics for opmn
[<scope>] debug       [<attr>=<val> ..] - Display opmn server debug information
[<scope>] set         [<attr>=<val> ..] - Set opmn log parameters
[<scope>] query       [<attr>=<val>]    - Query opmn log parameters
          launch      [<attr>=<val> ..] - Launch a configured target process
          phantom     [<attr>=<val> ..] - Register phantom processes
          ping        [<max-retry>]     - Ping local opmn
          validate    [<filename>]      - Validate the given opmn xml file
          help                          - Print brief usage description
          usage       [<command>]       - Print detailed usage description
          createinstance                - Create an Oracle Instance
          createcomponent               - Create a specified component
          deleteinstance                - Delete an instance and components
          deletecomponent               - Delete a specified component
          registerinstance              - Register with admin server
          redeploy                      - Redeploy the admin server application
          unregisterinstance            - Unregister with admin server
          updateinstanceregistration    - Update instance registration
          updatecomponentregistration   - Update component registration
To list the processes being managed by OPMN:

opmnctrl.bat status 

D:\Oracle\WebTier\Oracle_WT1\instances\instance1\bin>opmnctl.bat status

Processes in Instance: instance1_ODI1
ias-component                    | process-type       |     pid | status
AGT_TEST001                      | odiagent           |     N/A | Down
odi1                             | OHS                |    3248 | Alive

To Start all:
opmnctl.bat startall
To Start a specific component:
opmnctl.bat startproc -ias-component=AGT_TEST001

To Stop all:
opmnctl.bat stopall

To Delete a component:
opmnctl.bat deletecomponent -componentname odi1